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Sunday, 27 March 2011

My Big Brother Emile and me

I was top student at my Recruit school in 1980 and received the Commandant's Trophy.  My brother Emile had told me that Recruit school was real tough.  I topped the course and beat the Push-up record in PT did 100 Push-up in 1 Minute.  After that he told me that the Airborne was a bunch of Tough guys so I joined the Airborne and not only did 2 years with them I did 7 years before being posted to CFB Chatam, NB where I did 1 Military jump but continue to Skydive on Civy street.   That's how I got into this mess as I survived the King Air 100 crash on Aug 3rd 2008 a day that will live in infamy,  That's life.
Below is the link to the TSB Final Report on my plane crash  

TSB Final Report on my Plane Crash

My 52 and last Military Jump with a CT-2 canopy at CFB Chatam, NB

The fun part of being in the Airborne is that there's multiple ways to travel.  Here I'm doing rappelling from a Twin Huey Helicopter in CFB Petawawa, Ontario
All dressed up and nowhere to go as a Camouflage Military Policeman in CFB Wainwright Alberta on one of the Rendez-Vous(RV) Exercise

My old MP ID Card
My MP Badge

Me getting promoted to Master Corporal in CFB Chatam, NB

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