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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Another PLUG

They call us Pepsi, because they say We're Empty from the Neck up

Well today after the Bank I went and got my Favorite Pastry Cakes by Vachon in Quebec, these are one of two things that came out of Quebec that I like.  The Second one is Bombardier snowmobiles,  I use to run the Maritimes Snowmobile Festival when I was in Tracadie, NB and Bombardier would supply me a free Bombardier MachI Sled every year

Joseph-Armand Bombardier

In 1958, Joseph-Armand Bombardier designed the modern snowmobile. Bombardier is considered the father of snowmobiling who began commercial production and marketing of the Ski-Doo snowmobile in 1959.
Joseph-Armand Bombardier was the first person to successfully market snowmobiles. He was granted a Canadian patent in 1960 and a U.S. patent in 1962 for his endless track vehicle aka snowmobile.  He designed the snowmobile because his daughter was very ill and needed to get to a Hospital in the Winter,  She died when he tried to get her to the hospital and he dedicated his life to invent a machine that would go on snow, hence inventing the Snowmobile or Ski-Doo as we know it
My brother Emile on a Bombardier Ski-Doo in Tilley Road, NB when he just joined the Canadian Forces in the early 70's 

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