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Friday, 1 April 2011

Friends that are always there for you

Above is my Good Friend Rick Aselton we were room mates on a Chicken farm in South Langley,  and use to Skydive in Abbotsford together, at the time Rick was with the RCMP E Division and they did a major drug bust in Pots & Pans the same day I got carjacked at gunpoint.  He's now retired, great guy.

It's nice to have friend who will take you out for dinner away from the ReHab House.  Here's a dinner we had at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver, BC.  From Left to Right, Dean Brassington that use to be at Intercon Security with me and the gang now he's with Fusion Security in Vancouver, next is Bruce Marginson that use to be the VP at Intercon Security now he's the President & CEO of Fusion Security and is also a Co-Founder of Avigilon Corporation, next to Bruce is Jim Ingram a good friend a Scecurity consultant with Williams Engineering in Vancouver he's also an ex-Intercon Security Employee and   Me,  Far right is Craig Noel that was with me also at Intercon Security in CRG, now he's with Canada Post Security & Investigations,  Next is the Irish Gary Wilson, CPP the Director of Corporate Security for the City of Vancouver and also an ex-Intercon Security Health Care Manager,  Next is Glenys Vos, former Finance Manager at Intercon Security now the Director of Finance at Fusion Security she is the sister of my Friend Fred Vos that was a Military Policeman with me in CFB Petawawa, Ontario, Fred is now with Vancouver Police Traffic Section riding a Harley Davidson he's "happy as a pig in shit", Last is Darlene Buckle, worked Finance at Intercon Security, now works Finance at Fusion Security.  See were a Happy Dysfunctional family

This is at the Wedding of a good friend Vince Ornato that married Louise Bostock in Hawaii, I had to be there for that. Vince visited me in the Hospital and left me some good wishes on the website that my friend Sandra Dussault created.  Vince and Louise live on Vashon Island in Wasington State, USA   Vince use to work for Panasonic Canada in Richmond, BC after was with LENEL system, Now him and his wife owns Louvin Automotive, LLC in Auburn & Renton, Washington State. His bestman for the wedding was Antoinette Modica she was the Regional Manager for Panasonic Canada in Toronto Now she's with Samsung she's in the flowery dress in the far right.  Message below left by Vince when he came to see me in the Hospital

September 17, 2008
I went to visit JP on Sept 16. It was an amazing scene.

I walk in, past the curtain, notice JP, almost immediately he notices me. I introduce myself to ensure he knows it is me. He responds with a simple and expressionless look, “I know”. I tell him Louise says hi, and he responds to tell her the same. I am floored, because I’m not even sure if he knew I was there to see him a couple of weeks ago.

I ask “JP, how is your stay in the hospital”. He responds, “Ok, but the food sucks!”. I laugh loudly, he looks and smiles. Now I realize he is coming back….

There he is lying in his Joe Boxers with tubes out of his stomach like he owns the place. He gets up and starts to pace back and forth. He has way too much energy to be cooped up…they need to get him outside and moving around some more. He was very strong and stable on his feet…short steps, but not unsteady at all. I am astounded at his progress…but it gets better. He starts to walk a path in the room around his curtain, stops, looks at me and smiles, this is my route. I try and get him to sit down as the nurse comments on him not eating and tells him he should eat the ice cream before it melts. I take the ice cream, ask him to sit and start feeding him. “Oh that is good!” is all he says so I feed him the rest. As soon as he is done, he gets up and starts walking around the room again. We stand and watch the kids practicing soccer in the park. He can see them and we chat about them for a moment. Because his emotions don’t really surface with his speech, it is difficult to tell if they are firing at the same time. There is still a disconnect from his words and expressions but those sometimes were working.

I mention to him the ASIS show (Security Industry Show) is on in Atlanta right now and his response is, “I guess I am going to miss it”. We talk a little about work and he recalls most of our past conversations and things we had underway. He does recall being in Hawaii for my wedding (see attached pic – we had someone take this pic or he would have been in none as he took the rest of the pics and video.

I went out and spoke to the nurse and asked if he knew why he was in the hospital. She told me Emile was asking JP that morning. When I asked JP, he said he was in for tests and hoped to go home Sunday. He also looked agitated and said he felt like a guinea pig.

I also asked (when I first arrived) JP if Emile had visited and he said he just left. I asked what time and he responded with 5:30. I went out to ask the nurse and she confirmed. He really seems to be gaining his faculties at a rapid pace. I arrived just a few minutes after Emile had left.

The best part was when I was leaving. I looked at JP and pointed at him and said “drive fast, take chances”…he smiled. I then asked him if he remembered my favourite saying…and he said, louder than he had spoken during the entire time and with a grin on his face “Go big or go home”. I laughed as I walked out the door.


This is a very good friend, Gilles Beaulieu from Montreal, Gilles is a professional Ballroom Dance professor,  he came to Tracadie, NB to teach the Lambada, a Brazilian Dance with the Beautiful Sophye Nolet(Below).  I took several years of Ballroom dancing with my Friend Gilles and competed in the Lambada in Trois-Rivieres Quebec where I came 3rd in Canada.   Gilles came and spent X-Mas with me here in Vancouver the year that we had a flood at Connect community Re-Hab house and had been moved to a Motel on Boundary Road in Burnaby.  Gilles came and got me at the Motel and we stayed at my apartment in Pitt Meadows, BC.  He's a good friend
 My good friend Gilles Beaulieu and the Beautiful and Charming Sophye Nolet

Sophye Nolet & Me in Tracadie, NB

From R to L, Gilles Beaulieu, Me, Dennis Keeton when we took our first Jump Course in Abbotsford, BC
The Zodiac Club that I was running for Alcide Léger in Tracadie, NB around 1990
the Zodiac Staff good memories

This is the Beautiful and Charming Sophye Nolet from Montréal that had came to Tracadie, NB to teach the Lambada Dance with Gilles Beaulieu.  Sophye now owns and runs Danse-Sing production that I went to see in Montreal with my Friends Gilles Beaulieu and Sonia Pomerleau.  She has toured several UN and Canadian Forces Bases in Europe to give live shows to our Troops.  She's an excellent ambassador

Sophye Nolet and her daughter Kasara Nolet, good looks run in the family

This is the first and second book that Kasara Nolet wrote "Le Journal Spirituel d'une enfant de neuf ans" in english it is "The Spiritual Journal of a 9 year old kid"  and the second "The Spiritual Journal of a Teenager" or "Le Journal Spirituel d'une adolescente" very interesting books, I'm impressed she's as smart as her mother is beautiful, she obviously got her good looks from her mom.  I wish her well

Me and the Beautiful Sonia Pomerleau in Montréal,  Sonia was my Ballroom Dancing Partner in Tracadie, NB and she once told me that I was the best Boss she ever had when she was working for me at the ZODIAC  Club in Tracadie, NB that I ran for Alcide Léger
Sonia Pomerleau graduation picture where she writes that I was the Best Boss she ever had.

Me and Mélanie Charron in Montreal, Qc.  I was room mate with Mélanie Charron and Mélanie Fitzback in Burnaby, BC.  Mélanie Fitzback had 3 cats that were old and one day I took one cat to the Vet being a good room mate, the Vet said it would cost $700.00 to fix the old cat so I told the Vet to give the Cat the Needle for $25.00 what a saving.  The second cat also got sick and I brought it to the Vet, The Vet told me that same thing, so I had it put down also, lots of savings.  Mélanie Fitzback would not let me take the third cat to the Vet regardless of what I said.

Annie Tremblay and me, she's a Lawyer if I need  one

Jean-Pierre Perreault and Marie-Ange Godin-Nadeau,  Jean-Pierre Perreault came to Tracadie NB with Gilles Beaulieu to teach the Lambada Dance.  Jean-Pierre was briefly my room mate when I lived on a Ranch in Tracadie, NB.  Every Saturday morning we had Jehovah's Witness  that would wake us up very early.  One Saturday morning Jean-Pierre Perreault answered the door completely naked and the Jehovah's Witness never returned, so it works

Above is someone I consider a good friend, his excellency Jean Nadeau that was the Canadian Ambassador to Gabon Africa and Trinidad Tobago.  I went to visit him in Shippagan, NB where he has a summer home, his daughter Margaux is in the middle
Jean Nadeau(Far Right) and Me center and comedian Jean-George far left.  I think it's in the basement of the Deauville Club in Tracadie, NB

Marie-Ange Godin-Nadeau with her beautiful daughter Elise that also teaches Ballroom Dancing with Gilles Beaulieu.   Marie-Ange use to be married to his excellency Jean Nadeau that was the Canadian Ambassador to Gabon Africa and Trinidad Tobago.   Jean Nadeau is now retired from Public life and likes to spend his summer in Shippagan, NB. Marie-Ange is the sister of Anne-Marie Léger the wife of our friend Alcide Léger from Tracadie-Sheila
Margaux & her sister Elise when they were young, that's when I met them for the first time when they arrived from Gabon in Africa where their dad his Excellency Jean Nadeau was the Canadian Ambassador. They were already dancing the Lambada with Gilles Beaulieu.  Elise is all grown up as a beautiful woman and she teaches Ballroom dancing with Gilles Beaulieu in Montreal, Qc and Margaux is married now.

The Beautiful Elise Nadeau, the daughter of Jean Nadeau and Marie-Ange Godin-Nadeau. Elise is also a Ballroom dancing teacher with Gilles Beaulieu

The Beautiful Sonia Pomerleau and me in Montréal,  she once told me that I was the best Boss she ever had when she worked for me at the Zodiac Club in Tracadie, NB

Anne-Marie Léger 

This is Alcide Léger now a Criminal Defence Lawyer with Sonier Duguay Avocats Notaires in Tracadie-Sheila, NB he still owns the Célibat Nightclub for teenagers and the Deauville Nightclub for Adults that me and Gilles Beaulieu worked at.  Gilles Beaulieu use to live at his house in Tracadie, N-B and Alcide's wife, Anne-Marie Léger  is the sister of Marie-Ange Godin-Nadeau that was married to his Excellency Jean Nadeau the Canadian Ambassador to Gabon Africa and Trinidad-Tobago.  Jean Nadeau is now retired from Public life and likes to spends his summer in Shippagan, NB

Yvonne & Dean Thomson
These are good friends  Yvonne & Dean Thomson, We use to be room mates when I lived on Walker St in Burnaby, BC and worked at Intercon Security with Yvonne.  Dean at the time worked for SaveOn Foods in Burnaby and had a silkscreen T-Shirt printing shop in the basement of the house.  Both Dean & Yvonne now live and work as teachers in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, after coming from teaching in China for 3 years

Here's the Private Investigator's Association of BC website

Above photo in this set under the TSI logo is Merl Klein, CPP and me doing a TSCM(Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure) sweep for Listening devices.  Merl is the one that convinced me to take my CPP Exam.   Merl is a Retired RCMP Special "I" and was on the RCMP Musical ride and his picture when he was on the RCMP Musical Ride is on the back of the Canadian $50.00 bill.   Merl's wife Gloria was my Treasurer when I was President of PIABC(Private Investigator's Association of British Columbia)  Merl and Glo like to spend a couple of months every year in Newfoundland where they have a summer home.  In the Above picture I'm using a MicroTel PR 700B RF Receiver for listening devices, I bought that receiver on e-Bay for a mere $2000.00, all the soldering inside this receiver is done with Gold for better connectivity,  these receiver are worth $100,000 Not a bad deal  They wouldn't ship the receiver to Canada so I had it ship to Intercon's Chicago office in Illinois and they in turn sent it to me in Vancouver.  Where there's a will, there's a way

Carmelle & Ella when she was just a baby

This is John Lam, their Daughter Ella and his wife Carmelle Lam that is a very good friend.  Carmelle use to work at Intercon Security with me and also visited me in the Hospital.  She knows a fellow skydiver Galya Chatterton from EB Games, small world.
Globe Risk International
Alan Bell that use to be my counterpart in CRG(Corporate Resources Group) at Intercon Security in Toronto, On.   Now he owns and runs Globe Risk International,  He's a former British SAS

This is the Beautiful Helen Alexander and my friend Paul Baziuk when we were with Intercon Security at a retreat in Florida USA.  Helen is still with Intercon Security/ADT in Toronto, and Paul Baziuk is now with Total Security Management in Toronto, Ontario.  Paul came to Vancouver for several months when we were doing (Close Protection)CP Work in CRG by keeping Rakesh Saxena under House Arrest at his Condo on his dime  Mr Saxena was a Thailand Fugitive in Vancouver wanted for embezzling 327 Million Baht from the Bangkok Bank of Commerce and creating a Banking Collapse in Thailand, he has since been extradited to Thailand and I'm still in touch with his mother Dr. A Sarup in London England

While doing CP(Close Protection) Work at Intercon Security for Project SUNRAY, I hired a few ex-Military Policeman that had retired or got out of the Canadian Forces(CF) to work at Intercon Security with me.  First was Jerry Grenier that was with me as an Airborne Combat Engineer at 2CER in CFB Petawawa, Ontario and also re-mustered to Military Police(MP) and was in BC.  He got out of the CF and came to work for me at Intercon Security, he later went to work for the Criminal Military Tribunal in The Hague, The Netherlands.  Then I hired Ray Lyver also an ex-MP from CFB Petawawa who was trained by the British SAS in CP work, I had to let him go as he was selling Amway Products to Rakesh Saxena, like a Guy who embezzled 100 of Millions needed to save a nickel on a bottle of Shampoo.  I then hired another Ex-MP from Ontario, Stephen Picotte who was a 5th degree Black Belt in Canada Goju Karate.  Stephen drove straight through to Vancouver from Ontario on his motorcycle arrived 22 June 99, on 23rd he went straight to Tip Top Tailers where he bought 3 nice business suits, shirts, ties, shoes and the next day we did CP work for the Offshore Wealth Summit and for LtCol(Ret) Oliver North from the Iran-Contra hearings(Photo below).  Stephen worked Shift 2 days, 2 nights 4 Off at Project SUNRAY in Vancouver, on 9-11 Dec I was in Kapalua with Lt.Col(R) Oliver North. On Sat 18 Dec 99 Stephen drove to San Franciso with his friend and he got rear ended when someone with an SUV dropped something on their passenger side, reach over to grab it, swerved over the white line and rear ended Stephen on his motorcycle and killed him instantly, his friend suffered a Broken Pelvis.  I was in Kauai, Hi after the Conference when I got the call to return home ASAP, I flew back to Vancouver got clothes and went to his funeral at CFB Petawawa, On. When I got back from his Military Funeral  Rakesh Saxena, told me to take that day off(not that he could do that) so that I could Mourn Stephen's lost in peace and quiet.  I respected Rakesh after that.  By far Stephen was one of my best CP Operative that I had hired.
Photo I took of Stephen Picotte working at the Offshore Wealth Summit in Vancouver, BC

Above is  Stephen Picotte doing the following Kata
Matsu Higa Weapons Series
Matsu Higa No Bo
Matsu Higa No Sai
Matsu Higa No Tonfa

Above is  Stephen Picotte doing the following Kata
Chatan Yara Weapons Series
Chatan Yara No Sai Sho
Chatan Yara No Sai Dai
Chatan Yara No Tonfa
Chatan Yara No Bo

Above is news footage of Rakesh Saxena when we brought him to the BC Superior Court in Vancouver for his Court appearance myself and Renaud Fortin
Washington State, US

Vic Minor, Seattle Police Department 
This is someone I consider a Good Friend, Vic Minor a Former Professional Football player with the Seattle Seahawks now a Policeman with Seattle PD.  Vic is the one that introduced me to Mandy Gittler on Bourbon St in New Orleans, Louisiana at a Conference.  It's where I fell in Love with Mandy.  Mandy told me that she wasn't the marriage type and likes being Single.  I support her 100%  and we'll always be very good friends.  I look forward to being part of her life as much as I can.

This is a good bunch of Friends when I was with 2 MP PL in CFB Petawawa, Ontario on OJT during one of the RV exercise in Wainwright Alberta around 1984.  From Left to Right the amazing Rico Laidler which is an awesome sniper he can shoot the asshole of a mosquito at 100 Yards flying away from him, he lives in the Fraser Valley area in BC and I'm just about due to visit him soon I hope.  Next is Frank Fera(Paco),  Frank is the one that convinced me to re-muster to MP from Field Engineer, he would stop me while doing traffic control and would say "Why don't you get a real Job"  and I did remuster.  Frank use to go out with our 2CER RSM Fred Cook's daughter Gail,  Gail is now a school principale and she still looks good.  Then me, and Tom Comacho I believe he's still in the Forces and around the Ottawa area.  CFB Wainwright was a fun guardhouse to work at temporary,  They had a Dark room, all the film, paper, acids, developer, fixer, stop bath etc... that you needed and it was all expiring within a year.   I never took so many pictures in my life and developed them using the C-41 process I would make 16" X 20" as a normal print,  I had a great time there.
 My good Friend Frank Fera fooling around during MP Roll Call
Tom Comacho and Me at the Same RV Exercise in Wainwright, Alberta around 1984

First Photo in this set is Pat Quinn the former GM of the Vancouver Canucks Hockey team with Fred Vos that was a Military Policeman with me at 2 MP PL in CFB Petawawa, Ontario.  Fred's sister Glenys Vos was my Finance Manager at Intercon Security now's she's the Director of Finance at Fusion Security which is owned by Bruce Marginson also a Co-Founder of Avigilon Corporation

This is Brett Hallgren getting a commendation from Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu who is married to Vicky Chu that is now retired from Vancouver Police and is good friends with another Friend Diane Poirier that worked at CARE Clinic in Vancouver when I worked there with Dr. Romalis.  Diane & Vicky use to go Horse Back Riding together.  Small world

Brett Hallgren took over the Forensic Video Unit with Vancouver Police from another friend Grant Fredericks that now owns/runs Forensic Video Solutions in Spokane, Wa. Previously he was with AVID Technology.  AVID is the company that creates the software and hardware for Forensic Video Analysts worldwide

Inspector Roland Tolosa

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California, USA. I have a good friend there with San Francisco Police Department, Inspector Roland Tolosa that I met at several LEVA Conferences he's a Forensic Video Analyst.  Roland also plays Drums in the Band Swingset above, you can click on the above logo and it will take you to a website where you can listen to their music. He left me some good wishes below in blue on my Website that Sandra Dussault created for me after my plane crash

I just found out about JP's accident.  I am wishing JP a speedy recovery and will keep him in my prayers.  I know how tough he is and expect him to be jumping out of planes again in no time.

Inspector Roland Tolosa
San Francisco Police Department
CSI/Forensic Video Analysis Unit

This is someone I consider a Good Friend Denise Doucet-D'Astous, that was at her last tour in Afghanistan.  Denise is now the Career Manager and CWO before she was the MWO at CFSIS the Military Police School in CFB Borden On,  She is a good cop,  I was in CFB Chatham, NB with Denise as a Military Policeman in around 1985.  One day in early winter we had an artillery Gunner that went AWOL(Absent With Out Leave) and was hiding on a First Nation Reserve near Neguac, NB.  Denise went to the Neguac RCMP for assistance, but they wouldn't go near the First Nation Reserve, as they were afraid the Natives would steal the RCMP Car and set it on fire.  So Denise went on the First Nation Reserve by herself and with no back-up, she went to the door of the house that the AWOL Gunner was hiding and said if the AWOL Gunner didn't surrender to her right away, she would tell her father not to deliver heating oil to the whole first nation reserve.  So the AWOL Gunner surrendered to her and she returned to CFB Chatham with him in Custody.  That is priceless.  Denise is married to Michel D'Astous that is also in the Canadian Forces(CF).  I had sent a 438 pages photo book that I published on-line using to a skydiving friend Yves Laliberté that had just joined the CF and was on PAT(Personel Awaiting Training) Platoon in CFB Borden  and told Yves to locate Denise and show her the photo book as I had done Denise's & Michel's wedding video when we were in Chatham, NB,  So Yves ask his course conductor in CFB Borden, Ontario and we found out that it was Michel D'Astous the Husband of Denise that was his course conductor, small world
438 pages Digital Photographs Portfolio photo book that I had sent Yves Laliberté

Michel D'Astous and Denise with their daughter Sam in 1995 at CFB Moose Jaw, Sk

Canadian Forces Military Police Website

PO1 Rob Estey that's WO(Warrant Officer) in ARMY rank

MWO Scott Yantha

MWO Darryl Bean
This is MWO Darryl Bean with the MP Section in CFB Esquimalt, BC.  He got back from Pakistan in one Piece and is a great House Builder.  I've seen a couple of Houses that he built by himself and they are amazing the attention to details is great.  Darryl use to have a nice silver edition Corvette, and occasionally visited me in Tracadie, NB I was a Military Policeman with Darryl in CFB Chatham, NB and with MWO Denise Doucet-D'Astous now in CFB Borden, Ontario, MWO Scott Yantha now in CFB Kingston Ontario, PO1 Rob Estey and several more.  I left CFB Chatham as a MCpl and everyone else was a Cpl or Below are now MWO's  if I would have stayed in the Canadian Forces(CF) I might have been a Chief Warrant Officer(CWO) by now, who knows?  I don't regret getting out of the CF, I'm now the Co-Founder and Director of Security Solutions of Avigilon Corporation a very successful and now Public on the Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX) HD security camera manufacturer in Vancouver with over 1200 employees, having done over $500 Million in Sales last year.  Darryl came to visit me at the Re-Hab house in Langley, BC since my accident.  He just retired as an MWO in CFB Esquimalt, BC in 2012.  Link below is his retirement Beer Call

Above the old MP Gang at CFB Chatham, NB

When I left the Canadian Forces in CFB Chatham, NB I gave the Military Police Blue Room(Bar) an illuminated "ALF" sign that I had made at Enseignes Luminex Signs in Tracadie as a going away gesture.  They presented me with a Plaque, we can see Sgt. Patty McInnis in the back

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