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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Good Cause - 10 September 2011(Postponed to 2013)

Next year(2013) at a date to be mutually agreed upon at the DZ(Drop Zone)Pacific Skydivers Ltd. in Pitt Meadows, BC were going to do a Jump for the Cause Skydive fundraiser for the Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation my Good Friend that was room mate with me at South House who also suffered a TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury)Michael Coss the father of twins, a boy & a girl.  Michael use to work for Molson Breweries so getting Beer is no problem.    I'll be skydiving by then.  Michael just wrote a book the "The Courage to Come Back"  and his book signing is Was May 18th 2011 at the Vancouver Molson Coors Canada Brewery at 1550  Burrard St.    Michael received the Courage to Come Back Award on Thursday 17th May 2012.  All the profits from the jumps that day will go to his Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation, a good cause, Mark your calendars

Me and Michael at his Birthday party at South House

YouTube video showing Michael Coss doing "Sit-down" comedy

Great Book - Inspiring - Above All Else

At the last Pacific Skydivers X-Mas dinner a good friend Greg Chopiuk told me about this book "ABOVE ALL ELSE"  that I should read as he was also in a Plane Crash.  I got the book on my iPad and it is excellent very Inspiring,  Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld had been in a Plane Crash, much, much, worst than the one I was in, as 16 of 22 skydivers died in his accident,  Dan recovered and Won the World Skydiving Championship a mere 7 months after his plane crash.  Very Inspiring.  Ironically were both the exact same age born in February 62(20 days apart) and have both started jumping in 1980   I  invited Dan to come to Pitt Meadows in 2013 when we have the "Jump For The Cause" skydiving fundraiser for my Good Friend Michael Coss who also suffered a TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury) and Michael can do a Tandem Skydive and I would jump with them and have someone do the video and Photos,  I would release the video to the Media as 2 TBI victims doing a skydive together with another Plane Crash survivor that went on to win the World Skydiving Championship 6 times since then,  it should bring more awareness to TBI victims everywhere.  I contacted Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld and he said that it was him that was inspired by our story and he would love to Join us in the sky.  His book is great and they are coming out with a movie and I can't wait to get a copy, the trailer to the movie is below.

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