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Friday, 1 April 2011


Well I thought I would introduce you to my Family and my brother Emile's Family

This is my Family from left to right by age youngest to oldest Standing in the back is my sister Denise, Sylvie, Me, Line, Diane from Montreal, My brother Emile, sitting is our Mom Gilberte. 

This is my brother Emile's family,  Standing in the back LtoR is Curtis Tarr Francine's husband  Grand Pa Bob Sinclair that passed away last year, my favourite Niece Kimberly  My Brother Emile and his son Jason  In the front from LtoR  Francine with Jessica, Madison, Emile's wife Judy and Jason's wife Della the only one missing is Jason and Della's daughter Tevryn Ann(below) she was just born this past November 28th at 5:55am  she has cute blue eyes

Tevryn Ann 6lbs 8 ounces 19 3/4 inches long

This is my Brother Emile's family
Here's my Brother Emile's family again several years ago, I think in Ottawa, Ontario

The above two are labels for the Chateau-Neuf-Du-Pape red wine that I made and bottled for Francine and Curtis wedding
Above is the business card I designed for my Niece Francine's daughter Madison.

My Brother Emile when he got married to Judy Sinclair in Portage LaPrairie, MN

Golan Heights / Egypt Israel


Here's someone I'm Proud of, My brother Emile, he served his country real good he got the OMM(Order Military Merit) Medal, several UN medals from Cypress, the Golan Heights Germany and many More plus the CD(Canadian Decoration) with clasp,  He retired as a MWO in the Engineers and now he is the Regina International Airport Maintenance Manager, environmental Officer and many other hats they give him

Here's my Brother Emile again at 7 months old

Me as a young Airborne Saper with 2CER 2Tp in CFB Petawawa, On.  That's where I got bitten by the Parachuting bug.

My 52 and last Military Jump with a CT-2 canopy at CFB Chatam, NB on 20th June 1989
Me and my Jeep in one of the RV Exercise in Wainwright, Alberta

Above is me and a Bengal Tiger that I befriended in Vancouver, BC.  The Tiger was the dancing partner of a Stripper that was in Vancouver, the Tiger handler said approach at your own risk, I did, and he was a very friendly Cat who just wanted to cuddle.

Above is 2 YouTube video of a Bengal Tiger  That is the dancing partner of a Dancer.

This is our Mom Gilberte she still lives in Tracadie-Sheila, NB

Above two photos is our Mom's House in Tracadie-Sheila, New-Brunswick(NB), this photo would have been taken in 1985-1988 area as my 1984 Pontiac Fiero is in the Driveway and I got to NB in 1985

Cousin's Jean-Guy Forest and Denis Forest, DDS, MSD in front of our Mom's house 11 Aug 2009

This is our Dad Alphonse sitting at his good friend our neighbour's desk at Le Jounale Le Devoire in Montreal Quebec, Pierre LaPorte who later became a Federal Minister and was Assassinated by the FLQ(Front de Libération du Québec) in what is known as the 1970 October Crisis.  I was named Jean-Pierre as Pierre LaPorte has a son name Jean
Pierre LaPorte when he worked for le Journal Le Devoire

Jean LaPorte  Pierre's son

Aunt Georgina and our Dad Alphonse in his WWII uniform

This is our Dad Alphonse he was a WWII Veteran  and was a Cop in Victoriaville, Quebec when he died of Heart Failure on 7th Dec 1978, 3 days after being stabbed at a robbery .  That's probably why me and my brother Emile joined the army

Our grand father Jean-Emile Forest
WW I uniform 1914-1918,  21 Years old, St-John, NB
That's where my Brother Emile gets his name from

Mom and Dad at their Wedding

Mathias LeBreton that married my sister Diane, They live in Verdun, Qc near Montreal
Above photo of my sister Diane, I  received it from a good friend  Edmonde Lanteigne from Gatineau, Quebec

Above photo of my sister Line, I  also received it from a good friend  Edmonde Lanteigne from Gatineau, Quebec

My sister Line when she married Gilles Landry,  Line lives in Tracadie-Sheila, NB with my Mom and sister Sylvie, Line works at Dixie Lee Fried Chicken Restaurant which is amazing chicken, I think I ate some almost everyday when I went home this mid-July and it was as good as I remembered it.

My Favourite  Aunt Alphonsine, Uncle Zenon's wife
Uncle Zenon  He got me my first 10 Speed bike when I was a Teenager in Tracadie, NB.  He lives in Thorald, On   He's my favourite uncle

This is Cousin Joe Paulin, Aunt Catherine Son from St-Isidore, NB
My first trip in Tracadie-Sheila, New-Brunswick at our Mom's house after my accident.  Standing L to R  Me, Katie Forest(my God Daughter) sister Sylvie, sitting my brother Emile and my sister Diane from Montreal, Qc.
Katie Forest(my God Daughter) and Me 

The best part about having a BLOG is that I can put all sorts of pictures that I find,  and believe me I have lots.

Example here's my Nephew Jason when he was a kid,  he looks like he could be a trouble maker but he was a good kid

Here's my Brother Emile when he was 10,  he looked sharp

Here's someone I miss dearly, My Grand Mother  Lauza Paulin our mother's Mom.  She lived until 99 years and 5 months, she passed away after a stroke.  She had always told me that she would do a Tandem Skydive with me on her 100th birthday and I'm sure she would of.  She use to always give me cookies when I visited her.  I wonder where my Brother Emile would have gotten that Airborne Engineer T-Shirt.   Emile is an excellent Golfer and plays Scratch Golf,  I couldn't hit a golf ball to save my life but I'm a good Paratrooper.   I told him that the day he jumps out of an airplane is the day I'll start playing Golf.  It's not about to happen soon

Eulogy for my Grand Mother Lauza Paulin

I wrote this Eulogy to remember the great times I had with my Grand Mother Lauza Paulin.  Grand’ma was born in 1902, before the very first airplane flew by the Wright brothers.  She was already 60 years old when I was born, so I can only attest to the last 40 years.  Years, for me that were Grand’ma Paulin’s years.  She was born before automobiles, detergent hadn’t been invented yet and Space travel was not  even an illusion.  She saw and lived through the First and Second World War, Korean and Vietnam War.  She didn’t know it, but she was the very reason for my existence, because, without her my mother would not be born and subsequently I wouldn’t have been born.  For me Grand’ma Paulin’s house was a sanctuary that I could always visit.  I remember the generosity of Grand’ma Paulin, she always had cookies for us and was always happy to see us.  She will always be in our memories and now she is our Guardian Angel.  She will be miss but will remain always in our thoughts.
Her Grand Son
Jean-Pierre Forest

Above is a short Memorial video I did for my Grand Mother Lauza Paulin when she passed away, there is some small video clips of her in it

Above is a small 11 minute video clip of our Grand Mother Lauza Paulin when she was alive at her home in Shippagan, NB with her son Uncle Emile, our Mom Gilberte and me behind the camera
Grand Mother Lauza Paulin Obituary

Above two photos is our cousin Claudine Paulin, uncle Eustache Paulin's daughter our mom Gilberte's brother,  Claudine just moved to Regina, Sk about 8km from my Brother Emile.  Small world.

Here's my favourite niece Kimberly,  she's a world traveller and spent some time in London England to work and now she's saving for her next trip around Australia.  You Go Girl.
Above is a short video of my favourite Niece Kimberly when she was an infant drinking milk from her Dad my brother Emile in Ottawa, Ontario when I visited them while I was in CFB Petawawa, Ontario in the early 1980's
This is my Late Uncle Edmund Forest and my Mom Gilberte.  Uncle Edmund was a hard worker and he use to make all sorts of Nick Nacks with his hands like Jewellery using only wire and Horse shoe nails.  I miss him dearly

Above is a video I found of my late uncle Edmund Forest, when we went to see him in St-Alphonse-de-Caplan, Québec.  He was always happy to see us.

Above photo of me when I had long hair, I  also received it from a good friend  Edmonde Lanteigne from Gatineau, Québec

This is me dressed as a navy guy with a good friend when I was a kid, Elizabeth Pike now Briere she lives in the Winnipeg, MN area.
Photo I received from Cousin Bernadette Hedar-Forest, it shows our Dad Alphonse, Cousin Bernadette when she was only 6, then her father Uncle Johnny Forest, Dad's brother

My Brother Emile is also dressed as a Sailor but neither of us went NAVY we were ARMY all the way

Mr. Pike and his wife,  he was a good friend of our Dad and I use to hang out  with his daughter Elizabeth
Aunt Cecile and Me when I was a toddler

Our cousin Georges Forest, Born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, he founded the Agence d’Assurances Forest Limitée in 1948 and operated it throughout his life. He engaged in a long battle to restore French as an official language in Manitoba, winning a famous court case in the Canadian Supreme Court over a unilingual parking ticket in 1979. He was co-founder of the Festival du Voyageur in 1970. He received a Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal in 1977. He died of a heart attack at a Festival dinner in St. Boniface, on 14 February 1990. He was buried in Glenlawn Memorial Gardens in St. Boniface, Manitoba

Another Lawyer Réal Forest arguing that the Constitution is illegitimate

Me and my Cousin Réal Forest, who lives in L'Epiphanie, Qc and calls me at the ReHab house once in a while.  It's not the lawyer mentioned above his picture

Me at my best  when I'm not in the air I video and photograph anything,  here's at my Nephew Jason's wedding to Della Klemenz on July 12, 2008 a couple of weeks before my plane crash.   He finally got his video and photos and a book I published on-line using done for X-Mas last year,  I was a bit busy

Here's the cover I did for their DVD

Photo book of Jason & Della's wedding that I published on-line using

I also took pictures of them when they were engaged, I think I'm a good uncle.

My Nephew Jason works for Associated Engineering(AE) in Saskatoon, Sk Below is a YouTube video of  a Award Winning Project that AE did in Vancouver, BC

My Nephew Jason got married to Della Klemenz on July 12, 2008 a couple of weeks before my plane crash.  Below is the Complete video of the wedding in 9 parts as YouTube only allows 15 minutes at a time.  It took at least a full week to upload the video.  Enjoy

Thank You card I received from Jason & Della when I was in Hospital

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

Part 05

Part 06

Part 07

Part 08

Part 09

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