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Thursday, 28 April 2011


Next year I'm hoping to be the Prey for the Canadian TV Show Mantracker with my good Friend Rick Dunning from Winnipeg, MN.  Both me and Rick did the SSF(Special Services Forces) Ironman Challenge together in 1984 and came in the Top 25 of 250 Airborne Soldier in CFB Petawawa, Ontario.  It was a gruesome competition where you started with your combat gear, FN-C1, small Back Pack and you had to carry a 2 man canoe on top of your equipment by yourself to the Ottawa River where you put your canoe in the water and paddle by yourself against the current for several miles to the other side where you picked up your canoe again and had to go up and down long hills to the canoe drop-off point, after that it finished with at least a 10 Miles Run/ Forced March to the finish line.  That's why I think that me and my Good Friend Rick Dunning would make a good Prey for the Canadian TV Show Mantracker.  It's a show about 2 cowboys on horse back that track you down and try to capture you in two days in one of Canada's rough Provinces.  Rick is currently the Fire Marshall for the Canadian Forces in CFB Winnipeg, Manitoba and also doing his French course and doing his Master's Degree at the same time, so he's currently busy, but next year looks good.  It would be an interesting adventure, good Bragging rights

SSF Ironman Challenge Medallion, you had to finish the Ironman Challenge to get one.

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