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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Travelling all over the World

I've been very Fortunate and Lucky to have a Job that I love at Avigilon Corporation not only because I'm a co-Founder and we have over 1200 employees that I'm proud of and we're now a Public Company AVO under the TSX(Toronto Stock Exchange) but because it got me to travel the world on business and take photos which I included in several  books that I published on-line using thanks to a good Friend Rod Gregg a  Forensic Video Analyst formerly with the FBI in Dallas, Texas  who put me on to and now it's BLOG time.  Thanks to our President & CEO Alexander Fernandes, Our former CFO and co-founder Wan Jung.      Thanks to my former VP at Intercon Security Bruce Marginson who also joined the Avigilon family as a Co-Founder.  Bruce now runs his own Fusion Security Company in Vancouver.  

Thanks to all our Sales Directors, our Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manny Gill that implemented the SMT(Surface Mount Technology) machine,  I love the smell of the SMT machine in the morning it smells like.....................VICTORY and sounds like making MONEY, and many more.  I hope to see you guys at work Full Time soon.
This is our President & CEO Alexander Fernandes, Me, and Our CFO at the time Wan Jung at our X-Mas dinner on 10 Dec 2010.  

Pierre Parkinson

This is the Trade Show booth that Pierre Parkinson designed, it is very functional.  I recognize our President & CEO Alexander Fernandes at a table and Rick Ramsay overlooking Pierre at a DEMO station.

This is the RDK(Rapid Deployment Kit) that I designed for DEMO's and for our Sales Staff.  It all fits in a Nice Pelican Case and the Laptop snaps in place and there's only one plug incorporated in the Case to plug into the wall

I  love to take our cameras out for testing with Long lenses

This is a metal case I made to test our cameras it has a Small Color Chart which includes a 24-patch color calibration target and a grayscale stepchart with density steps of 0.1 on the left side and  on the right hand side it has a ISO-12233 Digital still-camera resolution chart  On the Right side above left a metal chrome bell to test reflection and at bottom left a Black box with four charcoal briquette to test Dynamic and Tonal range on the bottom  right side,  a white box  

This is a Screen Capture of our Avigilon Control Center with the 11 Megapixel B&W Camera showing the Digital zoom capabilities, we already have a colour 29 Megapixels camera.  They are great cameras

The Avigilon X-Mas Dinner 10 Dec 2010
Our former Sales Director Brian Arenofsky
Andrew Martz and  our COO Bryan Schmode 
Our President & CEO Alexander Fernandes and his wife Irene
Rick Ramsay and his wife
Isabelle Bailey and her husband Martin Bailey
Mr & Mrs Spencer Mar

This is Avesnes-Sur-Helpe, France Where my ancestor Jesse De forest is from and this is the Lycee Jesse De forest which is an area in the Town named after him

The London Eye

London Famous Tower Bridge

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey

London, United Kingdom

The Arch in St-Louis Missouri, USA

Inscription on the Monument

This a monument to Jesse De forest my ancestor, the monument is in Battery Park, New York, NY, USA

Statue of Liberty, New York, NY USA

Hell, Michigan, not as populated as I thought it would be, and this Hell does Freezes over, wish I knew that when I was trying to pick-up girls, time to re-group and fight another day.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Plaque to the CF-101 Voodoo aircraft that was decommissioned in CFB Chatam, NB and replaced by the CF-18 in 1984
Chatam, NB, Canada

Boston home of the Boston Red Sox my Godson Anthony's favourite Baseball team and also where Ted Anthony's Dad  wife Jolene is from

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is the Photo I choose for the back cover of Jesse De forest photos book that I published on-line using, it is a picture of a Protestant church on Texel Island where Jesse de Forest took off from for his trip to the New World (Nieu Netherland) which is now New York City, NY, USA and after Founding NYC and leaving his wife and sons to colonate the place, he continued to the French Guiana near the Amazon where he died and is buried. I choose the Protestant church because Jesse De forest was fleeing France because of Religious Persecution they were new to the Protestant church and when they were in Avesnes France which was mostly Catholic in France in those days I just thought it was fitting to use that photo as a back cover of the photo book.

This Quay on Texel Island looks like it was old enough to be the same  Quay that my Ancestor Jesse de Forest might have used before he departed for his trip to the New World (Nieu Netherland) which is now New York City, NY, USA and after Founding NYC and leaving his wife and sons to colonate the place, he continued to the French Guiana near the Amazon in 1623 where he died and is buried in 1624

The best part about my Trip that I'm planning in 10 years or So and re-do my Ancestor Jesse de Forest trip from Texel Island in The Netherlands until the French Guiana near the Amazon where he died and is buried.  Is that there is a Skydiving centre on Texel Island in The Netherlands, so I'll be sure to bring my Parachute Rig and jump wherever I can
Texel Island, The Netherlands

Louisiana, Not a place to drop something in the water and having to go get it, There's more alligators then you think and they are always hungry

The weird thing in New Orleans is that nobody is buried under ground all the graves and tombs are above ground that's why they are prone to large floods,  example Hurricane Katrina.   It's where I met Mandy for the first time on Bourbon St, she was introduced to me by my Friend Vic Minor from Seattle, Wa Police Department  at a Conference.  So it has a special place in my heart because she turned out to be a great friend  and I love her and her son and daughter from Ethiopia & Congo,  Kelema and Bijou Dearly

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Chateau de Versailles, France

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

CP Hotel known as Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City, Qc

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Shediac is home to the largest Lobster mock-up.  Shediac is the Lobster Capital of the World

Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada

This is me and Mandy in Seattle at her Dog "Jackson" birthday party.  How can you not love this woman,  she's beautiful and has a great looking son from Ethiopia Kelema Lev and daughter Bijou from Congo I love them both.  I support her 100%  and we'll always be best of friends.  I look forward to seeing Kelema and Bijou Grow up and being part of their life as much as I can.


This is Mandy and my Friend Vic Minor from Seattle PD, he's the one that introduced me to Mandy  on Bourbon St in New Orleans, Louisiana.  That's where I fell in Love with Mandy

This is a Photo I took from on top of City Hall in Vancouver a Good Friend Gary Wilson CPP the Director of Corporate Security for the City of Vancouver he's at City Hall.  He let me up there to take a photo and I used it as a cover on all my books I've published on-line using  I sent him a copy of one book

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Whistler Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP) Museum

RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Museum
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

LUXOR Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

See the Non-Descript Passenger planes with the Red stripe on it's side in front of the LUXOR Hotel,  They don't have any company markings on them,  Their commonly known as Janet Airlines they are the planes used to carry workers to the TOP SECRET and now famous, thanks in part to my BLOG  Area 51 where they look for UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) ET(Extra Terrestrial) Life form and other Top Secret Military Weapons Project It's an area in the Desert near Las Vegas, Nevada that is owned by the US Government operated and secured by the US Military and now I can expect a visit from the Men In Black
Above is Janet Airlines Wikipedia webpage screen capture

Above is Area 51 Wikipedia webpage screen capture

What you do in Vegas stays in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

San Diego, California, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

First photo in the Dallas set is the very spot on Elm St in Dallas Texas where  President John F. Kennedy was Assassinated in Dealy Plaza.  Next is a photos I received from a good Friend Rod Gregg a former Forensic Video Analyst with the FBI in Dallas, Texas.  He received it from his Mom who held on to the photo for years, Rod Donated it to the Six Floor museum in Dallas in memory of his mother.  It's a clear photo of President John F. Kennedy, his wife Jackie Kennedy, Governor Connelly and his wife Nellie just before entering Dealy Plaza on that fateful morning just before they turned on Elm St and President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on 22 November 1963. Next is a YouTube video of the Zapruder film footage.   Rod Gregg is also the one that put me on to Publishing books on-line using  Next 2 photos is the old Texas School book depository where Lee Harvey Oswald did the fatal shooting from  it's now what they call the SIX FLOOR MUSEUM  Last set of photos depicts a set of Sculptures in Metal of cattle in a Western scene it is walking distance from the Six Floor Museum

Rod Gregg and his wife Jackie when they came to see me in Vancouver before taking a Cruise Ship to Alaska.  Rod is the one that put me on to publishing books on-line using  He also got me the photo of President John F. Kennedy on that fateful morning in Dallas before President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on 22 November 1963

My friend Rod Gregg also sent me an autographed copy of the book Special Operations by Lt.Col(Ret) Oliver North

The Grassy Knoll in Dallas, Texas where there was suppose to be another shooter that was  never found

This is the Musée du Louvre in Paris France where the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci is stored securely.  Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda or La Joconde) is a 16th-century portrait painted in oil on a poplar panel by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci during the Renaissance in Florence, Italy. The work is currently owned by the Government of France and is on display at the Musée du Louvre in Paris under the title Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo.[1]

Mona Lisa  oil painting

Paris, France

Paris, Texas, USA

Nimes, France

Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

This is Where President John F. Kennedy is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC, Next to his wife Jackie and his son John.  There's also an eternal flame burning there.  The coincidence here is that I have a good friend in the UK  his name is John F. Kennedy he's a Forensic Video Analyst as well that I met at several LEVA conferences and he also left me some good wishes on my Website that was created by my friend Sandra Dussault shortly after my accident, below in red.
Hello Sandra,
I have just found out about JP. When you are next visiting him, please tell him that his friends here in the UK are thinking about him and that he is in our prayers.
Kind regards.

John F Kennedy
Consultant Forensic Scientist
John F. Kennedy Key Forensic Services Limited Website

The Vietnam War Wall memorial

Washington, DC, USA

Pearl Harbour Memorial to the USS Arizona on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, USA

December 7th 1941, "a Day that will live in infamy", it was when the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the United States(US) at Pearl Harbor on Oahu Island in Hawaii and it got the US involved in WWII which ended when the US released two Nuclear Bomb one in Hiroshima and the other in Nagasaki, Japan, thus ending the war.  At the 2 Minute mark of this above video is a short video I took in Pearl Harbor when I went skydiving in the North Shore of Oahu Island in Hawaii at PSH(Pacific Skydiving Hawaii) Pacific Skydiving Hawaii Website

Amazing force of Nature there's almost 100 feet thick of LAVA and the Ocean keeps pounding it creating a black sand
Big Island, Hawaii, USA

They don't need any advertisement but I had to show that they are everywhere.  We don't need them.  The funny thing is in front of the Hell's Angels Club House in Paris, France you won't find any Harley Davidson Motorcycles, but you could find a Moped though,  Not the same intimidating factor.

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