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Thursday, 27 October 2011

To the Gym & Back by Bus - Thursday 27 October 2011

Well this evening I went to Timms Community Centre Gym  by Myself for a good work out, on the way back I took the 501 bus,  I still have about 05 passes at that Gym then I'll move Closer to Jan's Place at Gold's Gym.  It was only one bus the 501 and I made it there and back no problem,  I did about 10 minutes of Cardio on the stationary bike which your are peddling for 10 straight minutes they say 2.47 miles and the funny thing is your not moving at all, you don't even gain an inch.  Seems like a waste of time, I'd rather be on a real bike and go somewhere.  I got to the bus stop at 19:20 hrs and after 7PM the bus only come by every hours, so I was lucky the bus got there in about 10 minutes I took my meds on arrival and did this BLOG entry.  Tomorrow I take a Taxi to work and to the FlyZone wind tunnel.

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